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About Epic Fusion

Welcome to Epic Fusion!
Epic Fusion is a gaming community with the goals of providing a tight knit group of gamers the opportunity to test their might against challenges of all kinds in a positive, drama free atmosphere.
Anyone who enjoys gaming in any way is welcome to join. We are always looking for more ways to expand the community!

Feel free to look around. Any comments on how to improve the community and/or website are always more then welcome.
Also make sure to APPLY if you are interested in joining our forces!



Epic Fusion's General Ethos:

(1) Have a positive attitude and be considerate of others. Having fun is a top priority!

(2) Play the one game/character/class/spec YOU want to play the most. Have a drive to be the best you can be with that toon, and do not be bashful in asking for help to improve.

(3) Have a drive to be a member of a team with the goal of taking on challenges. You are here to support the other members of the team, and the members of the team are here to support you.

(4) Failing is NOT the end of the world, it's an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and improve.

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